Don Grundmann Reacts to Tom Hoefling Campaign Announcement

Don Grundmann

A couple weeks ago Tom Hoefling, a close associate of three-time presidential candidate Alan Keyes and the 2012 presidential nominee of the American Independent Party (AIP) announced he would seek the 2016 presidential nomination of the Constitution Party.  This prompted a response from Don Grundmann, friend to The Saturnalian and former chairman of the Constitution Party of California.  At IPR, he comments: Continue reading


Don Grundmann: Worshipping the Golden Anus

Don Grundmann, the former Chairman of the Constitution Party of California posted the following in the comment section of the IPR article “Darryl W. Perry: Indiana Law has Unintended Consequence.”  It is written in the context of the Indiana Senate Bill 101, which Governor Mike Pence signed into law last week to protect Religious freedom.  The Saturnalian does not necessarily endorse the opinion expressed in this commentary. Continue reading

Bob Haran: Let the Revolution Begin

The following essay was originally posted on the Facebook page for the Independent Political Report.  It was later published on the main website January 22, 2014.  The author Bob Haran is chairman of the Constitution Party of Arizona.  Concerning the essay, he explains “I have no copyright of this, anyone can use it, improve it or take credit for it, my only request is that they do it, it is the only way I know to peacefully take back America.”  The Saturnalian does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in this commentary. Continue reading

New Third Party Blog Launched

Last month, Krzysztof Lesiak, formerly a contributor to the Independent Political Report (IPR), started the blog American Third Party Report (ATPR), which, as its name suggests, covers American third parties.  Though similar to IPR in subject matter, it currently lacks the community that makes IPR such a popular blog.  All of its recent posts are copies of news articles and press releases from third parties and associated political campaigns.  It once featured some original content, but recent personnel changes have somewhat altered the blog’s output. Continue reading