Update from Dr. Don Grundmann

I contacted Dr. Don Grundmann, former chairman of the Constitution Party of California.  Once a frequent commentator at Independent Political Report, Grundmann has been absent from the site, not commenting there since April 17.  He sent me the following update on his current activities: Continue reading


Riley Hood Threatens to Sue IPR

Constitution Party of Wisconsin Chairman Riley J. Hood

Wisconsin Constitution Party Chairman Riley Hood threatened to sue Independent Political Report (IPR) last week over publication of an April Fools’ Day article claiming Hood married former California Constitution Party Chairman Don Grundmann in a same-sex ceremony. Continue reading

Don Grundmann: Worshipping the Golden Anus

Don Grundmann, the former Chairman of the Constitution Party of California posted the following in the comment section of the IPR article “Darryl W. Perry: Indiana Law has Unintended Consequence.”  It is written in the context of the Indiana Senate Bill 101, which Governor Mike Pence signed into law last week to protect Religious freedom.  The Saturnalian does not necessarily endorse the opinion expressed in this commentary. Continue reading

Interview with a Time Traveler


Upon the 1895 publication of H.G. Wells‘s masterpiece The Time Machine, time travel has entered into the public consciousness.  Films featuring time travel such as Back to the Future and The Terminator have become blockbuster hits.  Popular television shows such as Stargate SG-1 and Lost have included time travel as plot devices.  Moreover, individuals claiming to have time traveled in real life have come forward.  The Saturnalian tracked down one of these individuals to obtain more information about his experiences and time travel itself.

Continue reading