Flashback: “Magic Johnson? . . . He’s Got AIDS!”

A year ago this week, Los Angeles Clippers then-owner Donald Sterling, an NAACP honoree, sat down for an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.  Sterling had been the subject of controversy after his black girlfriend, Vivian Stiviano audio taped a conversation in which he asked that she not be seen at Clippers games with black people.  During the interview with Cooper, Sterling apologized for the comments and went on the attack against former Los Angeles Lakers guard Magic Johnson, who had called for Sterling’s removal as owner. Continue reading


2015 NBA D-League Slam Dunk Contest

2015 D-League Dunk Contest winner Jarvis Threatt of the Rio Grande Valley Vipers

The NBA Development League held its seventh annual dunk contest Sunday at halftime of the D-League All-Star Game in Brooklyn, New York.  Jarvis Threatt of the Rio Grande Valley Vipers defeated three other contestants to take the victory.  For highlights, watch the embedded YouTube video below. Continue reading

All-American Basketball Alliance Revisited

In 2010, Georgia boxing promoter Don “Moose” Lewis announced his intention to create the All-American Basketball Alliance (AABA).  The Alliance sought to establish a league of basketball teams based in twelve southeastern U.S. cities.  The teams were to be made up entirely of natural-born White American citizens.  Lewis’s stated goal was to return fundamentals to American basketball and give opportunity to White players.  African-Americans make up the majority of the NBA, the premier American basketball league. Continue reading