Dylann Roof: A Killer’s Manifesto

Booking photo of Dylann Roof

Dylann Roof, who last week killed nine people at an historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, allegedly wrote the following manifesto on his website, “The Last Rhodesian.”  It is reproduced below unedited strictly for historical preservation.  The Saturnalian does not endorse the message and condemns violence of any kind. Continue reading


The Toxicity of Words

Some argue offensive words like “whore” or “slut” should be banned from usage—not in a legal sense but as a matter of social acceptability.  I believe society need not render more words as so socially unacceptable that their very utterance destroys lives, causing those that speak such words to be shunned or lose their jobs. An example of one such word in existence is “nigger.” The word is so toxic that even words that sound similar (“niggardly”) create controversy.  This, in its most literal sense, limits our freedom of speech.  Such toxicity should not be expanded to other words (context notwithstanding), no matter the outrage they cause. Continue reading

Flashback: “Magic Johnson? . . . He’s Got AIDS!”

A year ago this week, Los Angeles Clippers then-owner Donald Sterling, an NAACP honoree, sat down for an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.  Sterling had been the subject of controversy after his black girlfriend, Vivian Stiviano audio taped a conversation in which he asked that she not be seen at Clippers games with black people.  During the interview with Cooper, Sterling apologized for the comments and went on the attack against former Los Angeles Lakers guard Magic Johnson, who had called for Sterling’s removal as owner. Continue reading

Pastor Manning Demands the Truth, Calls for Al Sharpton’s Release


In his December 30 address, African American Pastor James Manning of ATLAH (All The Land Anointed Holy) in Harlem, called on the media to speak the truth on racial issues.  He also asked supporters to boycott MSNBC and its sponsors (listed on the Kelly Truth Squad website), until MSNBC fires talk show host Al Sharpton, whom Manning describes as a “cop killer.” Continue reading

Nathan Norman: Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement, pt. 2

fffm header

Header for the Functional Fillmore Frugal blog featuring (from left) Newt Gingrich, John Lennon, Millard Fillmore, Jim Burns, and Rand Paul.

The Saturnalian has obtained the unfinished part two of Nathan Norman‘s Functional Fillmore Frugal movement treatise.  Though Norman intended to release his treatise in four parts, only part one was ever released publicly before the movement ceased this past September.  IPR published part one in June 2013.  According to Norman, he started writing part two shortly after the publication, but became distracted with other projects and did not finish it.  As reported here, Norman’s movement ended when WordPress discovered he had been using his Functional Fillmore Frugal blog to store bisexual pornography.  Norman has given The Saturnalian permission to publish part two of the treatise for the first time ever.  The Saturnalian does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in this commentary. Continue reading