New Presidential Sex Scandal Threatens to Explode All Over the Internet


A week after #CruzSexScandal set the Twitterverse ablaze on the heels of The National Enquirer’s exposé of GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, The Saturnalian could ignite a firestorm of its own with the following report of a sex scandal involving a “longstanding, well known Progressive” presidential candidate. Continue reading


Porn Star Resurfaces on Twitter

Last January, The Saturnalian reported that Twitter suspended the account of porn star Kagney Linn Karter for allegedly posting photos of singer Chris Brown’s penis.  Karter has apparently resurfaced under a new name, Kagney L Necessary (warning: NSFW). Continue reading

The Celebration of Submission

In a surreal display Thursday, prominent Internet sites celebrated as the federal government seized control over the last known vehicle for free expression.  Twitter, Reddit, and Buzzfeed all applauded the FCC takeover of the Internet under the guise of “Net Neutrality.”  As these sites ceded freedom for short term convenience, the FCC commenced its crusade against ISPs, opening the door to further Internet regulation—regulation that may not be so benevolent. Continue reading